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"Stop the Violence" Students on Prevention in Libe

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2009 6:40 pm
by ribenitez
On the 17th of November, Tuesday I had the opportunity to visit the Miami-Dade College Carrie Meek Center in Liberty City. I was invited by the Student Government Association for North Campus and the Miami-Dade Violence Intervention Project.

It was a great opportunity to have materials on Problem Compulsive Gambling available to faculty, students and visitors of the College. In addition, other materials relating to violence prevention and substance abuse were disseminated to individuals as they passed by our location at the front of the school.

In speaking briefly to the Student Government Association's Communications Director, she mentioned that this is the first time they had seen resources specifically around Compulsive Gambling which would seem like something that is an identifiable issue on the Campus. As a result, we at The Coalition have been invited to collaborate with them for future events and in specific the month of March for Gambling Awareness Week. The event was initially going to be on a larger scale but with this successful effort I am positive the students will receive much more support and room to expand from the administration and faculty.

This hopes to be the start of a mutually beneficial partnership with the excited students of the Campus and our organization.

Do you know any other student groups that could benefit from having an event like this?