Is the Lottery Crazy?!!!!!!

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Is the Lottery Crazy?!!!!!!

Post by joe » Tue Mar 31, 2009 3:37 pm

I can't believe i was sent coupons for free lottery tickets in the mail. I am in recovery from compulsive gambling and the sent me coupons!!!!! If i had still been gambling, i would have went from mailbox to mailbox to steal them out of my neighbors mail. I am so upset by this tactic they are using just to pump so more money into the their company. I wish i knew who to call besides the lottery to complain. The won't do anything if i call them. I need to go higher up in the food chain to make myself be heard. This practice of mailing people coupons to get free tickets is an enticement to spend more on gambling than they can afford. If someone was only spending 1 dollar a week on a lottery ticket and they got these coupons in the mail, it would give them the idea that they could spend a few more dollars, because "hey, they are giving me some free ones as well". What people don't realize is that they still have the same chance of winning (which is almost impossible) whether they buy 1 ticket or 10. It is a shame that people in recovery or not in recovery received these. I feel like Peter Finch from Network, i want to open up the window and scream "i'm mad as hell and i am not going to take it anymore". I hope all persons who are in recovery that received these did the right thing and threw these things away and i hope all other people that received them did not spend beyond their means to try to hit a 1 in 26,000,000 long shot. If anyone feels the same, please let me know so i know i am not alone in this. Thank God i am strong in my recovery or i dont know what would have happened. Buying 1 lottery ticket could've put me right back on the path to hell that i was on. Blessed to be living one day at a time.[/b]

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responsible gaming

Post by Administrator » Wed Oct 21, 2009 2:52 pm

be responsible when gambling and know your limits

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