New No-Limit Poker Rules could be a big concern....

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New No-Limit Poker Rules could be a big concern....

Post by horrorfan » Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:26 am

With July 1st marking the new laws regarding limits on poker in Florida, there is a huge concern over the influence it will have on college students. There is no doubt that no-limit poker will attract poker professionals from all over the world that have avoided Florida because of the limitations that were in place at the casinos and racetracks up until now.

I could see young adults wanting to play poker with the people they idolize on the ESPN poker tournaments that are shown each week. A chance to play with a "celebrity" could be the worst decision they make and these professionals are licking thier chops at the chance to come here to make money.

I hope young Floridians realize the dangers that gambling can cause and use thier best judgement when engaging in this activity. Don't use money that is put aside for bills, don't use tuition monies or savings, don't borrow money to gamble, and most importantly, treat winning as a bonus and quit while your ahead. If you feel like gambling is having an adverse affect on your life, get help before before it permanently hurts your future.

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New No Limit Poker Rules could be a big concern

Post by MaxwellPlove » Sat Sep 29, 2018 3:42 am

A few of these rules have to be approved by the NBA and NBAPA. Wonder how that goes?

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