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Professional Help

Posted: Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:30 am
by Administrator
The FCCG indentifies and works with treatment providers that are willing to become certified in gambling addiction counseling. All the professionals the FCCG refers to are both licensed and certified in areas such as mental health (LMHC), marriage and family (LMFT), addiction (CAP), social work (LCSW) and many other credentials. In addition to this, all are either Nationally (NCGC) and/or State (CGAC) certified in gambling addiction counseling. This means that each individual has completed necessary training and hours to be able to understand, diagnose and treat gamblers and loved ones who are adversley affected. Treatment providers that are utilized as resources can assist individuals with their core issues of gambling, underlying issues, family and social problems and can aid them in developing a financial well being plan. Further the certified professionals understand how important it is for the individual to take additional steps as well as private counseling. Therefore encouragement is given to gamblers and loved ones to seek out other resources as well such as 12 step group meetings, faith based recovery supports and the FCCG's Chance for Change workbooks. Specialists can assist individuals in finding a treatment provider within their proximity that can help them get on the right track towards a better way of life.