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Internet Sweepstakes Centers

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This data is based on 115 contacts received from July 1, 2009 to December 31st 2010 from people experiencing problems due to Internet Centers

 Over the past 18 months, the FCCG has received 115 contacts from gamblers and loved ones who are experiencing gambling problems due to the Internet Sweepstakes Centers

 85% of these contacts were made by the gambler

 78% of the gamblers were female (39% of total sample during this time period were female)

 57% were Caucasian and 36% were Black/African American

 15% were retired and 29% were either unemployed or disabled individuals

 80% stated having problems paying household bills, 42% had used savings, equity or retirement monies to gamble, and 48% had resorted to selling or pawning assets in order to obtain money to gamble (10% had even claimed bankruptcy due to their gambling problem)

 39% had committed illegal acts to finance their gambling problem and 15% were subjected to legal action due to their gambling

 83% were suffering from depression, 80% from anxiety and 16% had serious suicidal ideations due to their gambling problem

 29% were older adults 55 years of age or older (22% of total sample during this time period were older adults)

 Average household income was approximately $33,960

 Average debt owed due to gambling was approximately $19,902 and the average amount lost due to gambling was $40,461

 35% of the gamblers stated that the difficulty they were having in paying household bills prompted them to call for assistance and 33% cited relationship problems due to gambling as the reason for reaching out

 72% stated having family conflict and 57% cited family neglect due to the gambling problem

 More than one quarter (26%) of the gamblers were divorced or separated

 Individuals from 26 different counties were represented by these 115 contacts

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