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SAVE THE DATE PGAW March 6-12, 2011

Posted: Fri Nov 19, 2010 4:29 pm
by mhutch
Mark your calendars for Problem Gambling Awareness Week (PGAW), a
grassroots public awareness and outreach campaign! This event will
take place during the week of March 6-12, 2011 and focuses on the devastating
impact that sports wagering can have on individuals struggling
with gambling related difficulties.
Sports betting can have negative effects on not only the gambler themselves,
but family members, employers and society as a whole. Recent
statistics from the FCCG’s HelpLine indicate that among sports bettors:
54% had committed illegal acts (30-35% is the norm)
49% report having problems at work due to gambling
35% have placed bets with bookies
35% wager online
Average debt was reported at $58,450
Fortunately, resources are available for the problem gambler and their
loved ones. The ongoing mission of the Florida Council on Compulsive
Gambling (FCCG) is to promote awareness of problem gambling, the
availability of support services to help minimize negative effects, and to
provide a message of hope and help to those in need.
Please join us in raising awareness about problem gambling and its
effects on the family by participating in PGAW in any of these ways:
posting information or a banner on your website that alerts visitors
to PGAW and allows them to link to the FCCG website should additional
information be of interest.
Allowing the FCCG to submit an article for your organization’s
newsletter or other publication that is geared toward the population
you serve.
Distributing FCCG materials (e.g. pamphlets, newsletters, posters
all provided free of charge) at exhibits or forums.
Providing information on a kiosk or table in your welcome or
reception area.
If assessments are conducted by your organization for the purpose
of providing consumer services, integrating a brief screening tool for
gambling (3 questions) during PGAW. Such use will enable your
organization to preliminarily determine the presence of a gambling
Or use your own ideas for raising awareness on problem gambling!
For more information and to request materials, contact the FCCG at or call 1-888-ADMIT-IT (236-4848).