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PGAW Screening in Broward County

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 10:03 am
by horrorfan
Janet Gerner of Broward County Family Health Center conducted a screening day on March 8th in recognition of PGAW. It was a very successful day where 52 individuals were screened for gambling problems and supplied with FCCG materials and the HelpLine number to call for more assistance if needed.

Of the 52 that were screened:

8 people had a gambling problem (3 answered yes to both and 5 answered yes to one question) and 5 others stated that they knew someone with a problem (2 friends, 1 son, 1 mother and 1 brother).

Pretty amazing amount of people out of 52 (13 or 25% either had a problem or knew someone that did).

They were all directed to the HelpLine for resources and assistance.