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Recovery Path - Help Is Available

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Compulsive gamblers and their loved ones are often dealing with a myriad of problems. The first issue that comes to mind when thinking about gambling addiction is finances. Financial issues can be a significant hurdle for some to take on, but there are also many other problems that need to be dealt with. There can be conflict in the family, which can range from arguing, and even getting as serious as physical and verbal abuse. Emotional detachment can affect the core of the family, ruin friendships, and end up costing the gambler and their loved ones career and educational opportunities. The emotional strain that a gambling addiction can force on all the entire family unit can lead to severe anxiety, deep depression, and even suicidal ideations and attempts.


Whether gambling was used as an escape from these issues, or if they arose due to the compulsion, it is important for gamblers and loved ones to understand that professional help is available, and often needed. The FCCG has a network of treatment providers who are certified in gambling addiction, and have experience in assisting gamblers and their families overcome these negative consequences. The FCCG can assist those affected regardless of their ability to pay for one on one counseling.


Benefits of Treatment


 · Work on underlying issues in a clinical environment

  • Loved ones are involved in the process of recovery

 · Private setting to ease intimate discussions

  • Treatment plan is based on individual needs

 · Receive help from compassionate professionals

  • Explore new perspectives to improve your situation