Text Box: nice person who provided us with resources that could help.  
We both ended up going to support groups and she went to counseling.  The support groups I attended helped me learn how to support Sarah by taking over her finances and being there for her as she went through urges to gamble.  Sarah really got into her recovery and learned a lot about herself.  
That was 7 years ago and Sarah is now a licensed counselor who helps others who are affected by gambling.  I am proud of my daughter, who she has become, and all she does to help those in need.  
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Text Box: I remember the first time I      realized that my daughter had a gambling problem.  We were living in Florida and visited the local casino to have some fun.  My adult daughter, Sarah came along and tried her luck at the slot machines.  She won a pretty good sized jackpot within 15 minutes of being there.  I spent the amount I brought with me to play with and encouraged her to leave with her winnings.  She said she wanted to stay a while longer and she would meet me later at a restaurant we planned to go to later that night as I had some shopping to do. 
The time came for us to meet for dinner and Sarah didn't show up.  I called her phone and there was no answer.  I got worried and called home and my son told me she hadn’t come home yet from the casino.  I went back to the casino and saw Sarah sitting at the same slot machine I left her at 7 hours earlier.
Text Box: She was very surprised that I was there and didn't realize she had been there so long.  I asked her if she kept any the money she won earlier and she said she did.  
We left and went to the restaurant and then went back home.  Sarah was acting strange all through dinner and at home so I asked her if she was okay.  She then proceeded to tell me that she lied and that she had lost all the money she won plus a lot more.  
She then told me that she has a problem and it had been going on for a couple of years.  She was broke and behind on bills and had 3 maxed out credit cards.  She broke down saying she had done terrible things to support her addiction like stealing from work and friends and lying to others to get money from them.  We called the HelpLine and spoke to a very 
Text Box: My daughter sarah
Text Box: JANUARY, 2017 :  volume 71
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