Additional Resources

24/7, Confidential, and Multilingual Problem Gambling HelpLine: 888-ADMIT-IT

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Consumer Protection Services

In the event a help seeker has fallen victim to a scam or needs to report illegal gambling operations such as illegal gambling machines, lottery scams, sweepstakes scams, illegal game promotions, etc., the FCCG provides referrals to Consumer Protection Services.

Mental Health & Addiction Services (Non-Gambling Specific)

Gambling specific self-help and professional treatment programs comprise the primary referrals furnished to HelpLine contacts. In the event a contact is in need of non-gambling specific mental health or substance abuse treatment or supports, the FCCG provides referrals to Baker Act Facilities, Psychiatric Hospitals, County and Community Mental Health Services, Anti-Drug Coalitions, and other Substance Abuse or Behavioral Health Services.

National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) Affiliates

For contacts located outside of Florida who are seeking problem gambling supports for themselves or loved ones, the FCCG provides referrals to the designated National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) Affiliate in that particular state.

Employment Assistance Resources

Often, individuals struggling with a gambling problem may develop work-related problems. As a result, the FCCG provides much needed Employment Assistance Resources to those in need of such supports.

Online Supports, Videos, Podcasts and Mobile Apps

Online Supports, Videos, Podcasts and Mobile Apps can provide real-time, and ongoing motivational messaging, meditation techniques, support networks, and other self-care and stress release activities, that support behavioral change and assist individuals during their lifelong path to recovery from a gambling addiction.

Online Gambling/Video Game Addiction Resources

For individuals experiencing issues due to an online gambling, video, or social gaming addiction, the FCCG provides population specific resource referrals to agencies and programs for both youth and adults.

It can be overwhelming to know where to start with problem gambling resources. Contact the 888-ADMIT-IT HelpLine today, and speak to a Specialist who will listen to your situation and connect you with the best resources for gambling addiction, whether you are worried about your own gambling or that of a loved one. Best of all, your contact to the HelpLine is completely free and confidential.