Back From the Brink-William’s Story of Redemption

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Back From the Brink-William’s Story of Redemption

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William, a 46 year old ex-gambler talks about his gambling addiction and how he came through a winner by giving it all up….

FCCG: What is your earliest memory of gambling?

William: I remember going to the dog track with my father when I was 6 or 7. It was so exciting. I remember many times, my dad let me pick the dogs and pay the cashier. I won a few times too and it was the best feeling I had ever had.

FCCG: Do you think that had any impact on the addiction that took over your life?

William: I think it had a profound impact on my gambling problem. My father didn't have a problem. I never saw him bet large amounts of money or anything. He could take it or leave it but I was hooked...early…

FCCG: When gambling became an obsession for you, what problems did you have?

William: “Obsession!”, that is the perfect word. It took over my life! Every waking moment, I was either thinking about gambling or I was playing poker, betting on sports, playing golf with friends for 20 bucks a hole… It cost me my marriage to a women that just finally threw her hands up and said “I have had enough”. It cost me several jobs because I just couldn’t sit at a desk and not be “in action”. It almost cost me my life!

FCCG: So suicide was an option for you?

William: Option? No, not an option.. I felt it was the only way out. I had destroyed everything that was good in my life. I had love, I threw it away. I had trust, I broke it, I had friends, I shunned them… Sad to dwell on all I have lost.

FCCG: And how are things now that you are in recovery?

William: Things are great. I have been clean for over 9 months after gambling for 40 years. I have a steady job, have a few friends and have even talked to my ex-wife a few times. She remarried and I don’t blame her but at least we are on speaking terms as we still live in the same town. I see a counselor to help me get over the guilt I have for hurting so many people. I look forward to going to meetings, helping others and just trying to be a better person.

FCCG: What advice would you give someone who has a problem?

William: If I can stop gambling, you can too! There is more to life than placing a bet. We are put on this earth to help others and be good people. I was ugly when I gambled but I like myself now… Don’t wait as long as I did to get help!

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