Gambling and the Military-Help For Those That Serve

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Gambling and the Military-Help For Those That Serve

Post by Administrator » Fri Nov 20, 2015 10:52 am

As with other addictions, Disordered Gambling does not discriminate . It can affect anyone regardless of gender, race, age or social and financial status.

However, there are certain populations of people that are more susceptible to developing a gambling addiction such as military personnel.

For those that serve in other countries, it is widely known that gambling is accessible on many bases. This is offered as a type of entertainment for troops and other personnel to take advantage of on their downtime. For some, gambling becomes a problem while they are still active in service. For others, the problem can start or worsen once they are back home readjusting to civilian life.

Active military and veterans may turn to gambling as a major way to relieve stress or boredom or to feel better when going through a tough time. Some may gamble for its sense of risk and thrill. For other, gambling can be a distraction; a way to avoid coping with some of the other difficulties that may arise when transitioning from military to civilian life. One of the symptoms of an extreme gambling addiction is continuing to gamble even when you no longer find it enjoyable.

Although it may be difficult for those who have been in combat and risked their lives facing untold dangers against enemy soldiers to reach out for help, it is important that they realize they are not alone and help is available to them. There is no shame in admitting you have a problem and the FCCG is here to help!

Common Signs That You Are Having A Gambling Problem:
Turning to gambling because you are having a hard time readjusting
Withdrawing from family and friends
Extreme feelings of isolation and not belonging
Concealing gambling activity from loved ones
The need to gamble due to anxiety and depressive feelings
Serious financial difficulties
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