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FCCG HelpLine Statistics 2014/2015

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 1:26 pm
by Administrator
The 2014/2015 fiscal year has ended for the FCCG and the statistics gathered from HelpLine contacts tell an all too familiar tale of serious gambling problems in the State of Florida.

Throughout the year, the FCCG received over 5,400 contacts from individuals seeking help or information for a gambling problem. The majority of these contacts (58%) originated from the South Florida area.

Almost two thirds of the gamblers were male, and one in four of the gamblers were older adults (55+).

The top gambling types cited as the primary problems were slots (43%), cards (29%) and lottery games (13%). It is also important to note that lottery games were the biggest secondary problem.

Landbased casinos, convenience stores and racinos were the top three gambling locations.

The average debt of the gambler was almost $50,000, and almost half owed money to credit cards.

One in three committed illegal acts due to their addiction, with acts of fraud, theft and embezzlement being cited most often.

Depression (73%), suicidal ideations (25%), family conflict (72%), problems at work (47%) were a few of the serious consequences experienced due to their gambling problem. Further, 29% of the gamblers also had a substance abuse problem.

Gamblers and loved ones are provided with resources based on circumstances.

Throughout the year, help contacts received a multitude of resources such as self help group referrals, referrals to certified treatment providers and counseling through Recovery Path, information on self exclusion programs, peer connect appointments, financial and legal services, literature and self help workbooks, web blockers, alternative support groups and much more.

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