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A Chance for Change

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:05 am
by Administrator
The FCCG offers a series of workbooks to those interested. These books are called A Chance for Change. The books are designed to assist the gambler or loved one in several areas eventually providing them with a path to a gambling free life. From the basics of helping the gambler determine if they have a problem, to helpful tips about managing finances, understanding legal issues and staying the course, A Chance for Change offers a well rounded approach to abstinence. These books can be used in conjunction with other recovery tools such as attending Gamblers Anonymous meetings, receiving private counseling or utilizing a peer support system. They are especially helpful if the gambler or loved one is not close enough to traditional supports as mentioned above. The Loved Ones series discusses how to support the gambler and understand compulsive gambling. They also help the loved one to be aware of triggers that can prevent relapse, how to control the household finances and in what ways can the family be revitalized. A Change for Change is available in a senior format as well and touches on additional topics (i.e. retirement). These workbooks are free to anyone that has been negatively impacted by a gambling problem.

The FCCG is here to help! If you or someone you know has a problem, call the 24-hour, bilingual, confidential 1-888-ADMIT-IT HelpLine for resources and supports.