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loved Ones of Problem Gamblers, Vol 13, Issue 13

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 4:07 pm
by tammy rigsby
The effects of problem gambling within the household can be devastating. Often times, the family of the gambler suffers more due to the neglect that takes place. The problem gambler doesn’t always realize the damage they are causing at home as they are too wrapped up in their dream world of hitting that jackpot that is just around the corner. The family takes the brunt of this addiction. There is conflict and arguing over financial difficulties; there is neglect and there can be mental, emotional and physical abuse. There are many other adverse effects as well such as having to get another job to support the family or hiding the problem from other family members or friends because of embarrassment. If children are involved, there can be long term psychological effects, lack of food and clothing and a lack of loving parental support. If the gambler comes to terms with their problem and the relationship is not beyond repair, the loved ones often have to take on extra responsibilities in order to support the gambler in his or her quest to remain clean. They may have to take control of the family finances, hold the gambler accountable for receiving help such as counseling or 12 step assistance and most of all- support them. So when does the family get a chance to heal? The good news is, there is help available for family, friends and loved ones. If you or someone you know has a problem, call 1-888-ADMIT-IT for workbooks, resources and referrals that can help.

The Facts About Loved Ones
-25% of callers to the HelpLine are loved ones
-One third of the households have children under the age of 18
-74% report family conflict due to gambling
-65% report some degree of neglect due to gambling
-4% claim family violence in the household
-Loved ones emotional state often times mirrors the gamblers

Warning Signs of Problem GamblingPreoccupation with Gambling
Risking Relationships
Gambling to Escape
Relying on Bailouts
Increasing Bets to Sustain Thrill
Concealing Activity
Loss of Control
Chasing Losses
Illegal Activities
Agitated when Stopping or Cutting Back