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What are the Qualifications to Be a Community Educator?

Posted: Tue May 13, 2008 10:18 pm
by Administrator
Organizational needs vary depending upon the type of program and/or event in which a Community Educator is required. For example, Community Educators staffing an exhibit are required to be sufficiently familiar with FCCG programs and services in order to respond to questions when posed. On the other hand, Community Educators conducting training presentations must be equipped to thoroughly address topics to specific audiences.

In order to qualify as an FCCG Community Educator, persons must have background working with youth, adults, elders or special populations, and have experience in either prevention, education, outreach and/or treatment. Typically, FCCG Community Educators are mental health, addictions and prevention specialists. However, Community Educators may also be community gatekeepers, non-professionals working in faith based organizations, or other persons working at the local level.